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Welcome to SporTran's OnDemand Service, 

powered by the Ecolane Mobile App! 

With input from the community, we’ve created a public transit alternative – SporTran OnDemand! In addition to replacing our LiftLine Paratransit services (more info below), OnDemand offers a direct route from designated OnDemand stop to OnDemand stop for riders.  Download Ecolane, book your trip, and arrive in style in one of our Dodge Caravans or Chevy Malibu and Dodge Challenger sedans. 

Dodge Decals Photo Sept 22, 2020

The innovative Ecolane mobile app is fully integrated with our vehicle dispatch software, putting you in the driver’s seat with the flexibility to manage your trips with the click of a button. Because the vehicles use GPS, you will be able to plan your schedule conveniently and get real-time updates about your scheduled trips. 

LiftLine is now part of SporTran OnDemand

OnDemand has replaced our former LiftLine service, providing direct transport for those in need of Paratransit (ADA) accessibility. For information on OnDemand Paratransit (ADA) Services, please CLICK HERE. 

How is OnDemand different than the current bus service? 

  • OnDemand is an opportunity to build rural connectivity. For citizens in outlying areas without access to a standard bus line, OnDemand can get you to another OnDemand stop or connect you to one of our hubs.
  • OnDemand provides faster service to your destination, bypassing the stops and hubs you don’t need. For example, need to get to the Port of Caddo Bossier from South Shreveport? Book an appointment on the Ecolane App, go to the LSUS OnDemand Stop at your appointment time, and an OnDemand sedan or van will take you directly to the Port. 
  • The best part? OnDemand fares are the same as riding the bus!

OnDemand is a cashless system; TouchPass cards must be purchased to utilize OnDemand. 

Fares chart

Ecolane TouchPass QR codes image for release

Current Available OnDemand Stops:

Stop Name

Map Url

SporTran Intermodal Terminal 

Southwest Transfer Hub 

7179 - Hwy 1 Relay Station 

7325 - Omni Specialty 

7029 - Calumet 

8029 - SB Port Main Office North 

8049 - Ronpak 

7634 - Ditto Apparel

7635 - N. Market & Booth Dr 

7636 - N. Market & Poleman Rd 

7637 - N. Market & Garden Pl 

7638 - N. Market & N. Lakewood Dr 

8041 - North Shreveport Library 

8042 - Roy Rd @ Fred's 

8043 - Walmart Northport Blvd 

7159 - LSUS 

7055 - MLK Transfer Stop 

Click Here for complete SporTran OnDemand policies.

Check our web site and social media pages for updates as we add service areas and stops. 

For more information on downloading the apps to access OnDemand, click here.

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