All-New Umo App!


Umo App is designed for transit riders, by transit riders

It’s a reliable companion that allows travelers to use contactless payment to ride, find your next bus, and get real-time arrival information wherever you travel. 

Umo delivers freedom of choice so you can get from where you are to where you want to be. With the simplicity to explore, pay, and go for your entire trip in the Umo App, Umo provides safe, touchless travel through a modern, full-featured account solution that’s accessible to all. Umo’s sophisticated technology makes travel simple by enabling the experience best suited for each individual rider. Whether planning a multi-modal trip, using contactless payment (pass, cash balance, or future EMV options), locating a bus, earning rewards or engaging with the world around you, the Umo App allows you to go wherever life takes you. 

The new Umo app will co-exist along with the existing TouchPass mobile application for a period of time. Download Umo Today! 

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CURRENT TOUCHPASS USERS: As part of our continued transition from TouchPass to UMO, the TouchPass Apps for iOS and Android are in the process of being phased out and replaced by the UMO Mobility App. The following schedule and actions have been established to enable a smooth transition for SporTran riders:

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