SporTran Community Feedback Surveys 2023

Survey Launch Art Web Page

Add Your Voice to Public Transit in Shreveport-Bossier!

We’ve developed our 2023 Community Feedback Surveys to find out what our riders love about SporTran and what we can do better. We need your input! 

Please scan the QR code below or click the link for the survey that best fits how you ride. One survey is for standard fixed-route passengers. There is a separate survey for OnDemand riders, whether you use OnDemand microtransit (OnDemand stop to OnDemand stop) or SporTran's OnDemand ADA/Paratransit service. If you ride the bus AND OnDemand, we invite you to take both surveys. 

All participants are anonymous - SporTran will not be collecting your name or contact information for any reason. All we want is your opinion!