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Bike & Ride

Picture of Rider loading Bike


                Using SporTran's Bike & Ride Service!

     Use Bike & Ride for Easier Travel to work, school, or shopping

      • Using Bike & Ride Racks on all SporTran Buses is easy, cuts travel time, eliminates walking, and gives your bike a safe and secure ride to your destination.


    Using SporTran's Bike & Ride Safely!

              Bike Installed on front of bus


Your Responsibilities

1.  You are responsible for loading and unloading your bike.  The Bus Operator cannot assist except in emergencies.

2.  You are responsible for removing any loose items from your bike before loading

3.  You are responsible for making sure your bike will fit the Bike & Ride Rack - bike wheel sizes between 20 and 27 inches.

Step 1 - Waiting for the Bus

1.  Wait at a SporTran Bus Stop Sign

2.  Before the bus arrives, remove all loose objects from your bike: 
 Water bottles, tire pumps, bags, and books etc.

3.  Have your bike in full view so the driver can stop in the 
best position to load your bike

4.  Do not walk into the street until the bus is stopped and 
and the door is open

rider placing bike on bus rack

Step 2 - Bus Arrival

1.  After the bus stops and the door has opened, make sure
the driver sees you and proceed to the bike rack

2.  NEVER go further out into the street than the edge of the bus

Step 3 - Loading Your Bike

                                                                                                           1                                              2
Loading bike on rack   (1)  Move to the front of the bus

   (2)  Squeeze rack-release handle


 (3)  Lower the rack into the loading position                

  (4)  Note the labels that show where the 
         front wheel goes


loading bike on bus rack
(5)  Lift bike onto the rack

  (6)  Locate the front-wheel retainer and pull to 
       lengthen it.


  (7)  Place the retainer on the top of the front wheel           

   Step 4 - Riding The Bus

  After loading your bike, board the bus.  Sit where you can keep and eye on your bike

  When leaving the bus, DON'T FORGET YOUR BIKE and the items removed from your
bike before loading (new riders often do).  Let your driver know your'll be unloading your bike.

  Using SporTran's Bike & Ride Safely!

Unloading Bike from Bus

       (1)  Release and Lower the front wheel retainer

       (2)  Lift your bike off the rack  

       (3)  If you bike was the only one on the rack, grip
      the release handle and raise the rack back to its
      upright position

       (4)  Move to the curb.  NEVER attempt to cross
       the street until the bus has left and you have a
       clear view of the street in both directions

       (5)  Enjoy Your Trip!

    Using SporTran's Bike & Ride Safely!
Safe Loading and Unloading areas    Important Reminder!

Always wait at the curb so the Bus Driver can
see you and Always load and unload your bike
from in front of the bus.

Never move past the edge of the bus into
oncoming traffic, and for your safety
SporTran encourages you to wear a helmet